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    AHHH you prolly thought I forgot all about this account and just abandoned it... Well actually I almost did ( seriously thought about it) BUT no. It's been a looong time since i've uploaded ANYTHING or even created another journal without even saying much to you guys. Well I'm sorry for doing that so I thought I owe you at least this much of giving a quick update as to why. Honestly I just needed to take a step back and rediscover myself not only as an artist but as a person. There was/has been quite a bit that deterred me from being artistically creative and that just, overall, put me in such a mindset to where I couldn't bring myself to even pick up a pencil and draw; let alone anything computer related.. A lot has happened over the time I've been gone, not only with you deviants but in my life as well. As far as how I've been and what I've been up to I'll get around to in a moment.
 Today is the first day i've logged on since I've last posted anything on here not only to see how much progression you all have made but; see where I've come from to see if there's been in progression in myself. Honestly I'm a bit disappointed not only in terms of where I've come from but as to how far I've come from there. The first thing I did (after I logged on) was go to my, massively super unorganized packed to the brim, inbox and  noticed /all/ the deviations posted along with the journals and when I finally get to the bottom where I see all the fav's of my own work. I noticed that its all of my worst and earliest work that was uploaded and almost NONE of the newer better art. Honestly this doesn't make me feel any better about continuing on as an artist. To think that (in my opinion) my better, more recent, artwork has received fewer view's/comments/likes/adds/favs/etc than my older work, which I now find to be rather (for lack of words) "crappy", actually get nearly 99% of the attention leaves me to think in two different directions. One being that, hey, "I must have gotten really BAD as an artist later on and my earliest style of work is what i should have stuck with", and two," Maybe I should try going another direction/style (stick with it) and see what happens since neither the viewers nor myself seem to agree on which of my artwork is best. But that wont happen for some time as I'm still in the midst of finding myself as a person first as to then find myself as an artist later. So dont expect anything new uploaded any time soon...
  Now, you may be asking (and if you haven't, why haven't you? No really!) where I've been keeping myself hidden away. Well thats a fairly simple question. For a while now I've been hiding on various servers on Minecraft and find the game really quite refreshing. Though my skills at this game are not that good yet, I'm never quite bored of it either. But recently, someone in my life, has managed to get a rare form of cancer, which really doesn't help anyone right now. I wont go into details but I'm trying not to stress out and stay positive as to umm... Keep a "positive" outlook for this person while supporting them and doing what little I can to help them (I say "them" but Only mean one person here). For now though, I'll most likely continue hiding away till I can fell somewhat comfortable enough with myself around others. But till then I'll just continue watching and learning until something changes, though if you want to catch a glimpse of me here and there, I'm on youtube watching a few other people who play various games I very much enjoy watching while I try and change the outlook on life that I have. I've been using my real name on youtube (aka Jon Picard) with, I think/as always, the same email as here (just in case its not "") just in case I decide to take another couple years to return back here, although I would like to look forward to returning back again one of these days. Also, screw spell check for trying to change my last name to ever other possible word other than what I was given at birth... I mean seriously, some of the choices are insanely stupid,"pickle, richard, pi card, etc"...
  Anyway, I'll be checking in every once in a while (or atleast try to), I swear I haven't forgotten about this place, promise! In the mean time, signing out for now.

Last thing, OMG some of you post journals like crazy~~~ My inbox had some 50k journals! I'm not even going to try and read any of them; sorry.
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